By far one of the best garages around, Michael and Vincent are incredibly knowledgeable and not just about MX5s. They look after all my cars and their service is second to none. Friendly, honest, competitive and as the name suggests clever!

Thanks for the years of peace of mind you've given me.

Tim Hills

Michael is more than just a mechanic but a serious automotive engineer! I can especially recommend him with regards to his specialists knowledge he has with MX5 cars and performance engines! He did a full custom turbo fit for my car and two years on despite the abuse it’s going perfectly! And the service has always been 5 star from him and his team!!

Bradley Lewinsohn

Friendly and helpful guys. They've always been happy to explain and have given good advice in the 5 years I've taken my car here, for servicing/MOT, rust repair and coilovers/alignment. Can't recommend enough.

David Looney

My MX-5 was transformed by Michael and Vinnie. Before Michael went to work on my MX-5 the general set up and handling capabilities of the car were poor to say the least.

However thanks to Michael's expert knowledge and touch it now feels like I am driving a different car. The handling capabilities of my MX-5 are now brilliant. What an amazing transformation because also fitted to a very high standard a new hood and set of alloys which I had already purchased.

Michael's garage is about 134 mile round trip for me so you can realise one can pass a lot of garages along the way but not Michael Cleverley.

Big thank you G.P.H.

Glenn Hiluke

I think the best indication I can give on how good Michael’s services are is the glowing comments that I regularly receive about the quality of my car whether I am on the road or the track. He always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect and this really shows because my car gets a lot of stick on the track.

I have also recommended a number of friends and they have also been very pleased with his service.

Tim Butcher

Thank you for the clutch change on my MX-5, I am very pleased with the service you gave and the thoughtful way in which you left the car on the hoist for me to inspect the underside. I will be in touch soon to arrange for the Waxoyl and the other items we discussed.

Once again thank you it is refreshing to find someone who really cares  about the work they do to our cars.

Brian Chapman

Michael is a knowledgeable, helpful and honest chap and is a pleasure to do business with. His knowledge of the inner workings of the MX-5 is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone with a classic or sports car who wants an excellent and personal service. A top man!!

Colin Reeve

I can not thank Michael enough for sorting out my MX5, it handled so bad I was on the verge of selling it but with Michael's expert knowledge of the MX-5 it was soon sorted.

One of the main reasons for the poor handling was that the wheel alignment had not been done correctly after having 4 new tyres fitted, as all four wheels on the MX-5 have to be aligned on a specialised machine, which Michael has.

I could not have got better service, so with the correct springs and wheels aligned, it is now a real pleasure to drive, thanks to Michael.

John Suckling